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Liquid Propane Cargo Trucks



Truck Tanks for Liquid Propane Transportation

The liquid propane bobtail from O’Day Equipment is built using the highest quality products by our experienced mechanics. All O’Day liquid propane vessels are manufactured by Arrow Tank and Engineering Company. Arrow tanks are engineered and built to meet or exceed all government and ASME standards, as well as DOT MC-331 codes, for safety and long life. Design pressures of 250 PSI for propane and fittings located for your application give bobtail builders and end-users an advantage in customizing their own style of decking and piping.

Once a truck is on the road, our ASME authorized service facilities are available to do routine maintenance, inspections, retrofits, repairs, and updates. Look no further than O’Day Equipment if you’re planning on adding a new truck to your business or need expert service on your existing vehicles.
  • Arrow Manufactured Vessel

  • Vessels range in size from 3000 to 5000 WG

  • Liquid Controls LCR II metering units

  • Tanks can be fitted to your preferred chassis: Ford, International, Freightliner, or GMC
  • Skirting or Open Deck models available with stainless steel or aluminum.

  • Base Engineering remote shut off with options for: Reel in Reel out, PTO Engage/Disengage, Throttle control, Hand Held Meter Display.

  • Leasing Options



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