Construction Manager

Position: Construction Manager
All locations
Position Summary:
The Construction Manager will be held accountable for the satisfactory execution of projects throughout the company, assuring the completion of jobs on time and on budget. The Construction Manager reports to Chief Operating Officer and Regional Managers for direction of work while leading a team of Project Supervisors to plan, prepare, and execute the work.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Maintain the Construction Calendar and facilitate weekly construction meetings of internal staff.
  • Facilitate the O’Day Safety Program working with a 3rd party consultant, regulatory agencies, and internal safety committee.
  • Manage the work required and project documents for “public” jobs requiring submittals, certified wage rates, project logs, and AIA pay requests.
  • Communicate with state and local officials for code compliance and permitting.
  • Create and manage jobs using various I.T platforms (WennSoft Job Cost) the company employs and contribute to the improvement of O’Day’s operations.
  • Site reconnaissance with sales or management staff and meeting with customers, general contractors, and subcontractors.
  • Assist on job sites to direct the project supervisors and installers as needed to successfully complete jobs.
  • Help solve problems as they arise in the field and communicate the status and progress of those decisions with company staff, customers, regulators, and contractors.
  • Assist the regional sales and management personnel with your experience, product knowledge, and customer relationships to develop innovative solutions to the customer’s needs.
  • Maintain an open communication line with the customer, contractors, regulators, vendors, and O’Day staff as to project scheduling and changes. (E.g. return calls from customers the same day they call. Responding to information requests from internal staff within 24 hours of the request.)
  • Comply with all items in the Project Foreman Work Standard.
  • Perform the steps of the Job Execution flow chart that are assigned to you from inception to completion of the jobs along with assistance of the Project Foreman.
  • Work as a team member and cooperate with other regional offices and operational departments such as service, sales, safety, purchasing, billing, I.T., and administration.
  • Maintain current state and vendor certifications, by traveling to schools, certification testing, and continuing education.
  • Participate as an installer when needed.
  • Overnight travel will be required.