Create a tank chart for metal rectangular and flat-end cylindrical liquid storage tanks

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We appreciate your business and want to make sure we meet your expectations.

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We value relationships with our customers and suppliers.
We don’t take these relationships for granted.
In fact, we understand that these relationships must be mutually beneficial to be sustained.

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O’Day Equipment is a B2B petroleum equipment and service company that was founded in 1935.  Our purpose is to solve customers’ problems by helping them make more money.

When it comes to petroleum, we strive to be the leading resource that provides the highest quality products and services for businesses all over the Midwest.

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At O’Day Equipment, it’s about talent, integrity and innovation. Our people are our greatest resources when it comes to that!

We believe that employees drive our success. We look for talented, motivated individuals who will continue our long-standing tradition of providing great products and exceptional customer service.

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Client Testimonials

“Thanks for getting everything done way ahead of schedule!
You guys killed it!”
“I want to express my sincere
appreciation for Paul’s hard work.
The installation at the Rothsay Truck Stop went very well.”
“Wanted to thank you for your help
and compliment you on your
wonderful employees.”
“I must say that we are very impressed
and I am glad that we took this project on with you guys!
We are pleased.”
“I am really pleased with the progress,
professionalism, knowledge,
and cleanliness that
your guys have shown me.”
“O’Day technicians do such GREAT work
on the Lileks trucks when they bring
them in the shop for work.”
“After badgering and picking on you over the years,
I can finally say – Holy S@@t Batman these guys are really good.