Fleet Fueling

Fleet Fueling Tank

On-site fueling for vehicles is not only convenient, but it also has an ROI that makes you money. Fleet management today requires accurate tracking of fuel usage and inventory management. You can get very detailed, vehicle specific reporting of all of your fuel usage automatically with FuelMaster AIM2. No keys, cards or codes are required.


We design and install bulk fluid dispensing packages, fluid inventory and management systems, lubrication equipment, control handles, oil drains, and hose reels for equipment service shops and manufacturing plants.

Bulk Fuel Plants

We build bulk plants – from small to large – and we’re able to deliver turn-key builds at your site. We can deliver shop tanks up to 50,000 gallons in a single or double wall design. We also have loading arms for top and bottom loading, loading docks, metering, containment and controls to manage the products.

Aircraft Fueling

At O’Day Equipment, we have solutions for fueling light general aviation aircraft. We can deliver pre-engineered tanks, filtration and pumping systems for truck loading and/or aircraft fueling complete with automated fuel management and self-service controls.

Our systems are customized and designed to manage expensive inventory and reduce operating costs. Data collection and inventory control are on the top of the list for most customers, and we have solutions to simplify these tasks.

Farm Fueling

During the 1950’s, a 300-gallon tank on a stand with a gravity transfer system was a modern fueling system on a farm. Today’s modern agriculture equipment has evolved, and so have the fueling systems on farms. We now provide a variety of tanks and transfer pumps up to 30,000 gallons to meet today’s agriculture equipment in single and double wall design.

Power Generation

Power generation systems that require long run times require fuel storage not integral to the generator system. At O’Day Equipment, we provide a complete installation of auxiliary fuel storage – above or underground – with any storage capacity needed.

Equipment Financing is Available

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