Inventory Management Specialist

Position: Inventory Management Specialist
Location: Fargo, ND

Position Description:

Working within and improving the processes and procedures of the company’s Inventory Purchasing, Vendor Maintenance, Item Maintenance, and Warehouse Organization. Support City Desk, Service, and Construction Departments through feedback

Responsibilities include:

  • Purchasing / Sourcing / Stock Levels for Counter, truck shop and Service Sales
  • Vendor Maintenance / Communication
  • Warehouse organization / Cycle Counts
  • Item Maintenance
  • New/Old Inventory Management



Purchasing / Sourcing

  • Stock Merchandise: Fulfill All Merchandise for Counter, truck shop and Service Sales
  • Non-Stock / Special Order: Requisitions
  • PO Creation
  • Maintain a working relationship with the City Desk staff


Vendor Maintenance / Communication

  • Vendor Programs
  • Maintain up to date Vendor Price lists in Sharepoint and GP


Cycle Counts

  • Accountable for planning, scheduling, and reconciling inventory counts for all warehouse and truck sites
  • Inventory Accounting / Variance Reconciling process adjustments and variances
  • Work with management on year-end inventory audit

Inventory Maintenance

  • Item Card Maintenance
    • New item set up
    • Categorization and Descriptions for Searching/Tracking
    • Combining / Editing item numbers
  • Site Maintenance
    • Site ID Maintenance
  • Inventory Levels
    • Maintain a level of inventory that allows us to meet company and customer needs
    • Inventory levels replenished and balanced according to Order Points.


Order Point maintenance

  • Work with staff on requests for stocking levels of products within each market
  • Review and approve order point change requests
  • Company Inventory Management Policy


Document / publish / share – best practices

  • Inventory Pricing
    • Keep current: Item Costs, Vendor Terms/Info, Vendor Price Lists in Sharepoint and GP
    • Proper Price Levels and Price Groups assigned to each item
    • Update pricing based on vendor invoice and acknowledgements
  • Inventory Transactions
  • Monitor RMA, RTV, Warranty, Core process


New/Old Inventory Management

  • New Inventory analysis (What do we need and how many)
  • Inventory Reduction – Aged Inventory (5+ years identify opportunities for sell / return / scrap)
  • Complete year-end returns of unneeded inventory
  • Maintain an understanding of changes to inventory and current day needs
    • Version changes
    • Technology updates


Reports Management – Create/Update Report Requests

  • Suggest and help develop reporting that aids in daily task completion and inventory visibility


  • Maintain a working relationship with the City Desk Staff
  • Visit other branch locations as needed
  • Be an active participate in inventory projects with Management team