Choosing the Right Forecourt Solution: EMV Liability Shift

Choosing the Right Forecourt Solution: EMV Liability Shift

O’Day is committed to providing value to our customers and we believe Gilbarco provides quality dispensers.

Why we use Gilbarco:

  • Over 150 years of experience
  • Global leader of integrated technology solutions in the industry
  • Voted Best New Product winner by retailers in 2015
  • The Encore® 700 S dispenser is easily upgradeable for EMV
  • Up to 30% fewer service calls due to robust design and integrated pump and CRIND platform

Current Options:

Gilbarco Encore 700 S

Encore® 700 S

EMV Compliance: The Encore® 700 S dispensers come ready with EMV hybrid card reader, high-speed site connectivity, and EMV software upgrade.

Gilbarco Advantage Gilbarco Encore 300 Gilbarco Encore 500 GIlbarco Encore S ECIM Gilbarco Encore S

Encore® 500 / 300 / SAdvantage

EMV Compliance: EMV Compliance: These models require the FLEXPay™ IV CRIND® retrofit or you could choose to purchase the EMV-ready Encore® 700 S. If you go with the retrofit, you will need:

  • EMV hybrid chip reader
  • High-speed connectivity
  • Future EMV software upgrade
  • Reimage Kit


EMV capability

Gilbarco said it best when they stated, “We believe that with the number of sites requiring upgrades and the limited number of installation technicians, the longer you wait, the longer you’re going to wait! Manufacturing, component, technician, and many other capacity constraints could impact your ability to meet migration deadlines! Gilbarco recommends you start now and get in line first.”

If you’re ready to get in line, give us a call and we will make sure your upgrades are met by October 1, 2017 – the forecourt deadline.

Replace or Retrofit Older Dispensers

We asked one of our Account Managers to give his best recommendations when it comes to replacing or retrofitting an older dispenser. Jon Boatman shares his recommendations:

“If you recently purchased an Encore 500 within the last 5 years it might be worth spending the money to upgrade the doors with the Retrofit IV EMV kits.”

“If you have (late model/older/outdated/etc.) dispensers it would be a better investment to replace the complete dispenser with an Encore 700 that is EMV ready.”

He uses the word might because each situation is different and there are a lot of variables that can affect the decision.

If you are looking for more guidance and information about the EMV forecourt liability shift and which solution is best for you, give us a call and we will walk you through the best solution.

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