M-150 – Manual Shut-off Unleaded Nozzle, Economy Model

ITEM 110000-107


NOZZLE TYPE: 3/4 in. FNPT Inlet, Manual Shut-off, Unleaded
MOUNTING TYPE: Direct Mount, 2in. male NPT
DISPENSING HOSE: 10 ft. (3.05m) x 3/4 in.
POWER CORD: 18 ft. (5.5m), 12/2 AWG, Factory Installed
Gasoline up to E15|Diesel up to B20|Kerosene

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The GPI M-150S Fuel Transfer Pump is the best-selling retail fuel transfer pump, providing longer run times and award-winning performance year-over-year. Delivering flow rates up to 15 GPM (57 L/min), available in five pump models, the M-150 Series is the pump of choice for agricultural, automotive, and construction applications dispensing gasoline, diesel fuel, and kerosene. Available in a wide selection of configurations with an automatic or manual nozzle, mechanical meter combination, lockable or standard nozzle holders, and a variety of fuel hose lengths. Whether you are harvesting crops, gearing up for your next race, or refueling your fleet of mowers, our M-150 provides reliable flow rates with minimal downtime.


  • DURABLE ALUMINUM HOUSING: Manufactured from high-quality diecast aluminum, our fuel transfer pump with manual shut-off nozzle is extremely dependable and lightweight and will put minimal stress on your tank bung. The aluminum housing is rugged and corrosion-resistant to withstand years of work in any application.
  • ROTARY GEAR DESIGN: The rotary gear pump is engineered with fewer moving parts, which means less friction and wear on its components. Thus this rotary gear pump will have fewer needed repairs and longer life than a rotary vane pump. When you need reliable performance GPI’s gear pumps are over engineered to deliver.
  • EASY-TO-USE: The 12-VDC motor of our fuel transfer pumps is highly efficient as it delivers gasoline, diesel fuel, ethanol blends, and kerosene at flow rates up to 15GPM.
  • 2-YEAR WARRANTY: Our M-150S GPI fuel transfer pumps come with a 2-year warranty and are UL Listed Motor and CSA Certified. Feel confident in knowing that your fuel pump has been providing longer run times and award-winning performance.
  • Circuit breaker motor protection extends motor life.
  • Designed for permanent mounting on vented storage tanks.