Security issues seems to be like playing the Whac-a-Mole game

Security issues seems to be like playing the Whac-a-Mole game

Security issues seem to be like the Whac-a-Mole game; solve one issue and another pops up. A favorite for thieves is to collect credit card credentials and use that data to commit theft from merchants accepting credit card payments.

Another place a thief goes to skim data from Customer Credit Cards is at payment terminals at gasoline dispensers; it is a common discovery found daily across the country.

It is known by the criminals that dispenser credit card readers, if not already upgraded to secure devices, are easy targets to conduct their criminal activities. And places of business that are the victims get their name and picture in the news associated with the story like these:

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Credit Card Skimmers Have Been Found at a North Dakota Convenience Store Gas Pumpin Edgeley, ND
Card skimmers found in Lincoln County gas pumps
Card skimmer found at Cedar Rapids gas station
SCAM ALERT: Credit card skimmer found at Northwest Austin 7-Eleven
Card skimmers found at local gas stationVideo

What can be done to reduce the risk of your business making the news?

1. Credit card data skimmers are sometimes installed on the outside parts of the card reader. Take a picture of the credit card reader where the card is inserted. Use that for a reference and do a regular walk around and inspection looking for changes.

2. Use tamper detecting security tape on all dispenser doors with access to electronic components. Even with upgraded card readers, access to the credit cards can be collected from other data skimming devices.

3. Add security tape to the outside of the credit card reader that collects data from the magnetic strips. Do regular inspection walks to verify the seals are intact.

4. Dispenser locks are universal and criminals know this and have their own keys. A simple deterrent is to replace the dispenser electronic cabinet locks with your own.

As EMV-Chip card readers do create added security, the criminals are hard at work inventing ways to defeat the systems and continue their illegal activity. Security will continue to be a detect and block game.